Bed Linen Guide

Bed Linen Guide

                      Looking for bed linen can be a little overwhelming, with sellers offering various fabric blends and thread counts, and mixing British, American and European terminology and sizing to throw you off even more! 

                     Read our guide to get you back on track and on your way to find your bedding of your dreams.

Sheets :
             Let’s start from the first point of making a bed: your sheets. Whether you know them as bed sheets, top sheets, fitted sheets or flat sheets, a good sheet is an invaluable item to have in your arsenal.

             The primary purpose of a sheet is to lie between your mattress (and topper or protector) and yourself. Using a sheet offers a primary layer of protection for your mattress, as well as soft, silky comfort. Sheets can also be used as a midlayer between you and your bedspread, duvet or blankets (this is a very practical solution during unpredictable British summers, where one night you’ll need a sheet, duvet and blanket and the next you’ll be sweating with anymore than a thin layer of cotton).

  • Flat Sheets :
           The original sheet choice, flat sheets can be used in two ways: use them in the same way as fitted sheets and fold them around your mattress, or use them as a top sheet underneath bedspreads, duvets or blankets. Flat sheets are essentially large rectangles of fabric, designed to be considerably bigger than your bed so that there is plenty of fabric to tuck underneath your mattress.

           The great thing about this type of sheet is its versatility. They are exceptionally handy for use with unusually-sized mattresses, such as those on four-foot beds, as you can fold as much or as little fabric underneath as necessary. As a top sheet, they provide a smart, hotel-quality look when used underneath duvets and blankets, and prevent any sweat or dirt penetrating the duvet cover or bedspread. Top sheets can also be used without any further bed coverings in the occurrence of a hot summer night.


  • Fitted Sheets :
             Fitted sheets are still a fairly modern innovation on the traditional flat sheet. They sit on top of your mattress and any topper or protector you may be using and are much easier to use than their flat predecessors. These are designed to perfectly fit the proportions of your bed and have elasticated edges that wrap around the base of your mattress.

           Our fitted sheets are elasticated around the entire ‘skirt’ of the sheet, rather than just at the corners, so you can be sure that they will stay put if you move during the night. We offer two depth options to ensure that your sheet fully covers your mattress, even if you have an extra-height mattress or thick topper.


Duvet Covers :
Duvet covers are large ‘bags’ of fabric, usually in a rectangular or square shape, designed to cover your duvet. They are sewn along three sides, with the fourth side left open for easy insertion of your duvet and a button closure. They come in a range of sizes, to fit all sizes of duvets. All of our duvet covers come with matching pillowcases (the single size comes with one pillowcase and the double, king and super king sizes come with two) for a polished look.


Pillowcases :
Pillowcases sit around your pillows (and protectors) and add a soft, cushiony surface for you to rest your head on. We offer two styles, Housewife and Bolster.


  • Housewife Pillowcase :

            This is the most frequently used pillowcase style, perfect for modern, minimalistic bedrooms as well as more traditional settings. Favoured because of its ease of use, this rectangular pillow cover features an open end with an interior flap used to keep the pillow tucked neatly inside.


  • Bolster Pillowcase :

            These are large sized pillowcases giving a modern vibrant look and covers the whole of bed as one pillow. Different sized are available depending on size of bed.