Bolster Pillows

Bolster Pillows

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Long Bolster Pillow

Orthopaedic Body Neck Support Cushion                     

This Long Cylindrical shape makes it a good choice for the Back of the Hand to Sit and Read or Watch TV

Stays firmly in place, doesn't feel too Stiff to cause discomfort or too Soft to feel useless

Provides Great support when sitting or Lying and help to reduce Neck & Back aches or Swollen Legs and Arms issues

Ideal for maternity Support


  • Single-3 ft 
    • Width Size (19 x 36 Inches)
  • Double-4 ft 6 Inches
    • Width Size (19 x 54 Inches)
  • Small Double-4 ft
    • Width Size (18 x 48 Inches)
  • King-5 ft
    • Width Size (19 x 60 Inches)


  • Pillow Outer Cover: 100% Micro Fiber
  • Pillow Filling: Virgin Hollow-fibre

Care Labels:

Sponge Clean Only 

Carelessness may causes fire