Zipped Quilted Pillow Protectors

Zipped Quilted Pillow Protectors

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Zipped Quilted Pillow Protectors 100% Polycotton Covers 

Pack Of 2 Pillow Protectors

Ideal for protecting your pillows 

Keeping your Pillows hygienic and protected 

Perfectly designed to increase the life of pillows with soft zip closing pillow protectors 

whilst giving maximum comfort

Try these and enjoy perfect sleep

Zipped closure to ensure they fit perfectly to secure your pillows

Hollow fiber, Poly-cotton

Quilted on both sides

Soft and cozy for smooth sleep 

Close with Zip

Non Allergenic


UK Standard Size

50 x 75 cm

Pack Of:

Pack Of 2 Pillow Protectors

Care instructions:

Machine washable at 40

Tumble dry low heat

Hand wash (optional)


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